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October 2nd, 2019

Interview: CCG’s Eddie and Sherra Armstrong on Bootstrapping in America

On Oct. 1, CEO Eddie Armstrong and COO Sherra Armstrong were featured on Bootstrapping in America, part of They shared their journey and their reasoning for founding CCG. Eddie and Sherra discussed the disruptive power of equity crowdfunding and its potential to democratize the the cannabis industry, both for investors and entrepreneurs seeking to […]

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August 6th, 2019

Video: Emmy Award Winning Reporter Donna Terrell On Why She Advocates for Responsible Medical Cannabis

Donna Terrell has had a spectacular journalistic career. An Emmy Award winning news anchor and reporter for central Arkansas Fox16 News, Donna has been a powerful advocate for many vital causes both in Arkansas, and around the country. In this powerful video, Donna shares her personal story: Her only child, Queah, was diagnosed with Stage […]

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July 3rd, 2019

The First Master’s Degree in Medical Cannabis: The University of Maryland Takes a Tentative Step in the Right Direction

We all trust our doctors to tell us the truth and to give us the facts about the various treatments and therapies available. Yet, when it comes to medical cannabis, doctors are woefully ill-prepared – and often unwilling – to engage with patients. At the heart of the problem is the way doctors are educated. […]

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July 2nd, 2019

Black Enterprise Features CCG: Building an Inclusive Cannabis Industry

  The Cannabis Capital Group’s call to action is gaining traction Following CEO Eddie Armstrong’s successful interview with The Network Journal, the Cannabis Capital Group was given pride of place in a new featured story in Black Enterprise: “Husband-and-wife co-founders Eddie and Sherra Armstrong want to help make medical cannabis profitable for people of color. The couple recently […]

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July 1st, 2019

Interview: Eddie Armstrong Discusses Responsible Cannabis with The Network Journal

Eddie Armstrong, CEO of the Cannabis Capital Group, was interviewed last week by The Network Journal, a leading publication focused on black professionals and small business owners. Eddie discussed the services offered by the Cannabis Capital Group to support the rapidly evolving medical cannabis and adult-use cannabis industries. He also discussed our company’s distinct mission, […]

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