The Cannabis Capital Group’s call to action is gaining traction

Following CEO Eddie Armstrong’s successful interview with The Network Journal, the Cannabis Capital Group was given pride of place in a new featured story in Black Enterprise:

“Husband-and-wife co-founders Eddie and Sherra Armstrong want to help make medical cannabis profitable for people of color. The couple recently launched the Cannabis Capital Group, a consulting firm that assists marijuana-based companies with the education, advocacy, and investment needed to compete in the space.”

Author Sequoia Blodgett featured several of Eddie’s comments, which speak the importance of inclusiveness in the cannabis industry:

“We want to be able to provide that education channel with organizations such as Chicago NORML and the National Cannabis Industry Association that are already providing those tools to communities. More importantly, we want to serve minority communities that might not be able to get the same education or go online and find the same information that other people can readily find.”

As a rare minority-led cannabis business, the Cannabis Capital Group knows it is vitally important to make the industry inclusive, furnishing opportunities for people of all backgrounds. We have an opportunity to transform communities and create new wealth for entrepreneurs, provided we work together to build a foundation that can lift up all people who want to get into the cannabis industry.

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