Regulatory Assessment & Compliance Management

Even in states with the most lax attitude toward cannabis, the industry is heavily regulated.

Winning a cultivation or dispensary license, or receiving permission to sell other cannabis-related products, is just the start. Staying in compliance with state laws and regulations, while also avoiding trouble with the federal government, requires extreme care.

The Cannabis Capital Group offers a wide array of compliance and regulatory assessment services, including:

  • Tax navigation
  • Risk assessment and management
  • City, municipal and regional operations
  • Bylaws, zoning and impact analysis
  • Community, consumer and patient outreach
  • Staff education and training
  • Licensing renewal management
  • Visitor intake procedures
  • Waste and water disposal procedures
  • Transportation procedures
  • Record keeping and documentation management
  • Packaging and labeling requirements:
  • Workplace safety and site security
  • Product storage
  • Mandatory signage
  • Cultivation license
    transfer and sale

Do not waste time and money doing everything yourself, it stops your development.

Become an industry leader by developing custom technology that fits your needs and guides you toward realizing your company’s vision.

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