Medical Advisory

From chronic pain to multiple sclerosis to epilepsy to chemotherapy-induced nausea, the evidence is clear: medical cannabis works to alleviate symptoms and pain.

At the same time, cannabis lacks the horrific properties of opioids, which have created a full-blown public health crisis in the United States. Yet, even in states with legal adult-use cannabis, many doctors remain reluctant to prescribe it. Few medical schools offer extensive teaching on the clear science supporting cannabis’ profound medicinal benefits. Misinformation has been allowed to spread, leaving patients underserved and the medical community out of the loop. This has harmed the adoption of responsible medical cannabis, to the detriment of thousands of patients.

The Cannabis Capital Group aims to be the bridge to the medical community on all things cannabis, leveraging the extensive medical expertise within its leadership team and advisory board to provide comprehensive education on responsible medical cannabis. CCG offers a range of services and educational programs aimed at both individuals working in the healthcare sector and the general public, including:

  • Informational seminars and professional workshops
  • Certification and application support for prescribers
  • Digests of the latest clinical research
  • Advisory on physician-backed products and drugs
  • Patient advocacy and community outreach programs

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