Who We Are

Physician-Focused Medical Cannabis

The Cannabis Capital group is a medical cannabis consulting, investing and advisory business. CCG is committed to helping businesses grow, cannabis investors find opportunities, and healthcare professionals understand the therapeutic power of medical cannabis.

The medical cannabis industry has experienced explosive growth in just a few years, but the Green Rush is only just getting started. Legal cannabis is projected to be an $80 billion business by 2030, while new medical applications are being identified every year.

The Cannabis Capital Group is dedicated to accelerating acceptance of the medicinal power of cannabis by helping responsible medical cannabis ventures start up and thrive, and bringing physicians and healthcare professionals into the industry through curated training experiences and access to the best cannabis investment opportunities.

What We Do

CCG connects healthcare professionals with entrepreneurs, cannabis investment opportunities and educational resources, to better understand — and participate in — the rapidly expanding medical cannabis space.

CCG leverages years of professional experience in medicine, government, lobbying, business operations, and investing to offer a unique value proposition to clients and investors in the medical cannabis sector. 

Cannabis Capital Group LLC

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