Eddie Armstrong, CEO of the Cannabis Capital Group, was interviewed last week by The Network Journal, a leading publication focused on black professionals and small business owners.

Eddie discussed the services offered by the Cannabis Capital Group to support the rapidly evolving medical cannabis and adult-use cannabis industries. He also discussed our company’s distinct mission, to invest in the future of responsible cannabis sale and use:

“We want to be seen as public advocates for responsibility around cannabis: how you use it; how police officers treat it when they interact with people; and how you use it as medicine for your grandparents or if you’re an individual who’s received a medical cannabis card in the state of Illinois. We want to be able to provide that education channel with organizations such as Chicago Normal and the National Cannabis Industry Association that are already providing those tools to communities. More importantly, we want to serve minority communities that might not be able to get the same education or go online and find the same information that other people can readily find.”

CCG’s approach to responsibility relies on bringing all actors into the industry. That means fostering industry-wide buy-in to standards of responsible usage and marketing, as well as government, communities and healthcare providers. In addition, we are committed to fostering opportunity. As a minority-led business in the cannabis services space, CCG is a rare enterprise. Our aim is to cultivate more black and minority-led businesses throughout the cannabis industry, so that everyone can harvest the rewards of this exciting industry.

Eddie’s full interview is available on The Network Journal’s website.

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