The Cannabis Capital Group is working to cultivate the future of a responsible cannabis industry and advocates for responsible cannabis usage, whether as medicine or recreation.

While medical cannabis has many built-in safeguards (medical assessment, prescriptions, limited/controlled production, controlled dispensaries, etc.), adult-use legalization means everyone (consumers, doctors, regulators, law enforcement agencies, and the cannabis industry itself) must adopt the doctrine of responsibility.

As Dr. Williams, our chief medical officer, has said, “We are more than a medical cannabis business. We are a mission-driven community dedicated to cultivating the future of responsible medical cannabis through public advocacy and professional education.”

Clearly, there is a great deal of public interest in the development of the cannabis industry, as evidenced by our latest release receiving widespread pickup in the press:

  • Morningstar, a leading investment research and investment management firm
  • Seeking Alpha, the top crowdsourced financial research website
  • MarketWatch, the sister publication of the WSJ, providing business news, analysis, and stock market data

Our story has resonance already. But there is still a long way to go before the world fully accepts the healing power of cannabis. The Cannabis Capital Group is leading that charge.

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