Our client had the vision of establishing a medical cannabis cultivation center in Arkansas, a deeply conservative state, and it was our job to guide the client through that process from start to finish.

Although the client had extensive experience in real estate investment and regulation, it lacked the legal and medical expertise to design a license application.

We were working in a rapidly evolving political environment, so we faced not only the standard challenges of winning a license and executing a project but also navigating the changing legal structure in an extremely conservative state.


Our client’s primary goal is to develop the best possible application for a cannabis cultivation license in the state of Arkansas, with a specific focus on being medically driven.


Arkansas judged applications on a points basis, with the the highest score to receive the first license. Out of a possible 500 points, our client scored 486, placing first in a field of 98 applicants. We beat out the next highest application by 42 points.

Ultimately, CCG’s efforts, led by a medically focused and pharmaceutically driven product team, resulted in a successful license acquisition and subsequent cultivation center development. Our focus on the medical aspect was especially effective from the perspective of the reviewers, as was our rigorous understanding of the application that allowed us to rack up points.

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